Dichoptic Therapy For Amblyopia

Dichoptic Therapy For Amblyopia

About 1-4 % of the population suffers from amblyopia or lazy eye. While traditional methods of treatment like occlusion (patching) and penalization have shown their effects in improving amblyopia, they are not useful in all patients. Amblyopia is a disease of the neural pathways and the plasticity of the neural pathways needs to be explored in order to improve the vision in amblyopia when all traditional methods fail to show any improvement.

In dichoptic therapy, two separate images are presented to each eye, and the brain is made to fuse the two images into one image. A contrast-adjusted stimulus is presented exclusively to each eye and the brain is forced to integrate the images into a single perception.

BYNOCS is one such software therapy that is cloud-based and only requires a laptop with an internet connection. The individual is made to play games using red-blue glasses and this is performed every day for about 3 weeks. This cloud-based software is very cost-effective and only needs a laptop with an internet connection. The therapy can be done at home online. A check-up of the visual status, binocularity, and depth perception needs to be performed periodically.

Amblyopia is now considered a problem that can be tackled at any age. The eye is a part of the brain and the neural pathways in the brain retain their plasticity which is utilized in improving the vision in dichoptic therapy.

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