Deciding the Intraocular Lens Before Cataract Surgery

Deciding the Intraocular Lens Before Cataract Surgery

At Axis Eye Clinic, during the consultation, the options for cataract surgery are introduced and the patient and family members are given simple and lucid information about the various options.

The aim of cataract surgery according to Dr. Ramesh Murthy is to meet the specific visual needs and goals of each patient who comes in for surgery and thus add to the list of happy and satisfied patients. For this, a customized plan is created for every patient and Dr. Ramesh Murthy does this himself for every patient.

There are quite a few factors that need to be considered to give the best results after surgery. Importantly these are a few points that need to be discussed with the eye surgeon

  • – Will the patient prefer to get rid of glasses after surgery?
  • – Was the patient using glasses or contact lenses during his life
  • – Has the patient undergone any LASIK surgery or retinal or eye surgery before?
  • – What are the working needs of the patient – how many hours of driving or near work especially computer work
  • – What are the hobbies of the patient – especially sports, outdoor activities, or any near work like reading, knitting, etc?
  • – What is the astigmatism or glass power of the eyes before surgery?

If the patient has significant astigmatism or cylindrical number one needs to go for toric lenses which enhance the vision and reduce the need for glasses at least for distance.  If the patient has mild astigmatism and does not mind reading glasses one can opt for monofocal lenses.

Monovision is a condition where one eye functions well for distance and the other eye for near. But depth perception can be adversely affected.

But the most exciting advances are the trifocal lenses which are very useful for correcting distance, near and intermediate vision. These are uniquely designed lenses that offer very good results. If needed a toric variant of the lens can be used to correct any astigmatism as well. The extended range of vision lenses is useful for correcting the vision at all distances but there is a slight compromise for near.

The innovations in technology in the realm of cataract surgery and intraocular lenses are remarkable. The aim of the surgical practice at Axis Eye Clinic is to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients. Do read our blogs on for more information. Do book an appointment to consult our doctor Dr. Ramesh Murthy for understanding more about the myriad options when considering surgery for you or your near and dear ones.

Dr. Ramesh Murthy is a renowned eye surgeon and one of the best cataract surgeons in Pune, he is well-known for his results, experience, and friendliness. He is considered among the best eye specialists in Pune. He is available at Axis Eye Clinic, Pune which is among the best eye clinics in Pune. The staff at Axis Eye Clinic are well versed with Mediclaim for cataract surgery and will make sure you get the most benefit from your Mediclaim policy.

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