Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Children?

Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Children?

The number of children needing glasses has increased and nearly one in five children need to wear glasses. Making children wear glasses is difficult as they find it uncomfortable, and a hassle to maintain in their active life. When you want to buy eyeglasses for your child you should look for the following:

  • – The correct fit is the most important aspect to look at. The frame should not be too big or too small and should fit the face well. The frame should not be wider than the face or narrow. The frame should not touch the cheekbone and should not be higher than the eyebrow. The frame should not be very small, and the child should be able to see in all directions easily. One should resist the urge to buy glasses that are a bit large for their children to grow into. The middle of the lens should correspond to the pupil of the eyes.

  • – Fitting the glasses on the bridge of the nose is very important. The nose in children especially the bridge is small, and the fit must be good to prevent the glasses from slipping down. If needed there should be padding. The nose pads should not be very tight and press on the skin. If the glasses press on the skin, they can be very uncomfortable, and the child may not wear the glasses. The way the frames fit at the temples is also important. They should fit comfortably, without pressure, and without being too loose. Spring hinges will ensure the frames have a long lifetime of wear. Eyeglasses fitted with sports temples are also an option. These temples are flexible and are fitted for a child’s ear.
  • – The material of the frame needs to be strong, light, and unbreakable. The ideal frame is made of a flexible material that can be bent without breaking. Frames made of plastic can break easily but those made of titanium are light and strong.
  • – While playing sports the glasses tend to slip and fall, hence they should be made of plastic and with temples that do not include hinges. The glasses have an elastic strap that ensures that the glasses stay in place.

  • – Possibly one important part that parents overlook is choosing the glasses with the child. Choose the glasses including the child’s opinion. If the child likes the way the glasses look, the color, and the feel, they are more likely to be compliant in wearing the glasses.
  • – Wearing glasses helps the child to see better, to be more confident, and improve performance both at school and on the playground. Dr. Ramesh Murthy is one of the best pediatric ophthalmologists and squint surgeons in Pune and India and he is available at Axis Eye Clinic which is one of the best eye clinics in Pune.

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