Artificial Tears for Dry Eyes

Artificial Tears for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can occur due to various reasons especially due to increased use of digital devices like computers and mobiles, smoky and dry working environments, and certain diseases affecting the human body like rheumatoid arthritis. Dry eye patients have a burning sensation in the eyes with a gritty sensation sometimes a foreign body sensation and always feel their eyes are tired. Artificial tear drops provide moisture and relief for dry eyes.

Artificial tears add some of the elements of the normal tears to the existing natural tear film and thus help on providing relief. Drops are less viscous and the retention time is less, on the other hand, gels and ointments need to be put less frequently. Red-eye drops are different from these artificial tears and can sometimes increase dry eyes.

Artificial tears usually contain HPMC, CMC, Sodium hyaluronate, or glycol derivatives. All these are safe and unlikely to cause any adverse effects. However, the preservatives that are present like BAK can sometimes cause irritation and damage the ocular surface if used more than 4 times a day. Hence if there is an eye disease and drops need to be instilled more frequently it is best that one uses preservative-free eye drops which come as small units for one day use. If there is no respite from the eye symptoms it is best not to self-medicate and seek the advice of an eye doctor.

With the increasing use of computers and mobiles, the symptoms of dry eyes are becoming more rampant in the community. Adequate breaks at work, rest, and the use of artificial tear drops can give a lot of relief to these individuals.

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