Anxiety Before Cataract Surgery

Anxiety Before Cataract Surgery

Anxiety affects every patient before surgery. Even though cataract surgery is very advanced and there is no pain, and no injection is given. Irrespective of the nature of the operation, anxiety is bound to be present. Even the fear of losing life may be present in the patients. It does not matter if it is a major or minor surgery, there is bound to be some worry in the minds of the patients. Even dental and skin procedures can create some level of anxiety.

The best way to get rid of this anxiety is to have a detailed discussion of the concerns patients have. Ask the doctor questions and make sure you are comfortable. Many times the concerns are about the surgery itself and sometimes about the outcome. The fear of blindness may run in the minds of the patients. However, it is important to explain that this is the rarest of the rare occurrence. Rather than talk about general issues, it is important to address the specific concerns of the patient.

Most patients feel very relieved after the cataract surgery as they can see well and have not experienced any pain and overall the surgery has been a very smooth process. Compared to any other surgery on the human body, cataract surgery is very safe. The newer technology of phaco emulsification and the use of no injection for anesthesia has made the entire journey of cataract surgery very enjoyable for the patients.

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