Orbit and Tumors

Orbit and Tumors

The orbit refers to the box made of bone in which the eye sits safely. This protects the eye from injury. Sometimes there can be tumours in this bony cavity. The most common of these in adults is the cavernous hemangioma. This is a vascular tumor – soft and non cancerous. This tumor usually sits behind the eyeball and can be removed safely by a small incision in the outer wall of the orbit.

The surgery is minimally invasive, cosmetically not bad and can be done easily and safely by a trained orbit surgeon. Having removed many such tumors I have devised my own ways of making sure, the tumor is safely removed with minimal damage to the eye.

The patient if fine can go home the same day after surgery. Recovery to normal does not take too long and the patient can be allowed to resume normal activities in a weeks time.

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