Axis eye clinic is one of the best eye clinic in Pune. With a rapid growth and reputation for service, the clinic has been a major site for referral and visit by all patients. The location of the clinic on the ground floor at a major road, paud road makes it easy for all the visitors to come and visit the clinic. The clinic is located close to the Mumbai Pune highway as well, making it easy to visit even for patients from Chinchwad and pcmc areas. Accessibility remains important for any eye clinic in Pune.
The timings of the clinic from 10 am to 8 pm make it convenient for anyone to come in for a check-up and to get any eye issues sorted out. The staff at axis eye clinic are very cooperative and do not refuse appointment to any patient. The facilities in the clinic are also of the highest standard. The procedure of registration is simple, and the patient has all the check-up facilities at one zone. With multiple experienced eye care professionals and eye doctors, the testing is fast and efficient. The waiting period is typically less than half an hour. In fact, most patients get their eye checkup done and can leave in less than half an hour with their typed reports in hand. These are the some of the reasons axis eye clinic is amongst the best eye clinic in Pune. With internationally trained doctors and state of the art facilities, axis eye clinic is a centre of excellence in the city of Pune.
Surgical facilities and the advances in eye care have made surgery a delightful experience for the patients. When the patient comes to undergo surgery at axis eye clinic, the ambiance and polite and caring staff and doctors ensure the patient is at ease and devoid of any apprehensions about the surgery. This is one more reason why axis eye clinic is one of the best eye clinic in Pune. Axis eye clinic is considered one of the best eye clinics in Pune and India judging by the fact that there are numerous international patients who come to axis eye clinic to undergo treatment. The doctors at axis eye clinic are internationally acclaimed for their expertise and there are numerous international patients coming to axis eye clinic for treatment and surgery.

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