Please provide your name, address and contact details, date of birth, brief clinical summary and photographs.

We prefer you email us at or call us on 0091 20 25428100 or message or call us on 0091 9422033224 in advance to fix an appointment.  Our international travel coordinator will get back to you within 24 hours.

We will need the following information so that we can send you an invitation letter to you to get the medical visa.

  • Full name of the patient and the accompanying attendants.
  • Passport numbers of those traveling to India. Please do NOT send scanned copies of the passport as we do not need the same.
  • Residential/official address.
  • Name of city/ country where you would be applying to the Indian consulate for the visa.
  • Tentative travel period.

Travel and Transportation:

The hospital will provide all necessary letters to assist you in getting the visa for medical treatment at Axis Eye Clinic.

We have our own appointed travel agents who can help you and ensure you get picked up and dropped off at the airport. You need to provide us with your flight details.


We can arrange for accommodation for you close to the hospital – based on your budget and needs.

All the surgeries performed by us are day care surgeries and do not require prolonged hospitalization. But we recommend you stay for at least 3 days after surgery in the city.


The hospital will arrange for the services of a language interpreter. Inform us in advance if you need this service.


Based on the medical needs, we will give you an estimate of the cost involved and the length of stay in India.


We will arrange for sightseeing and shopping in ethnic markets and exploring the rich cultural heritage of India with the help of our travel consultants.

Post Treatment:

We will provide you with a copy of all your reports, clinical tests and surgical details which you can take back home.

You will be provided with the contact numbers of the doctor. In addition you can write to and will get a reply within 24 hours. Our doctor has been to many countries in the world and has trained many doctors in different parts of the world and will be in a position to put you in touch with a qualified doctor to take care of your condition close to your home in your country.

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