Droopy eyelids and revisional ptosis surgery

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Surgery may not be successful every time and occasionally the drooping of the upper lids may not be corrected by one surgery. In this situation, a revisional surgery can be performed as a simple outpatient procedure and the lid position can be corrected. The success will depend on the severity of the ptosis and the previous surgical procedure performed on the patient.

The presence of scar tissue and any other issues can complicate the ptosis surgery. It is best to wait for complete healing before undertaking a second procedure. Some of the problems can get corrected when the healing occurs. The revision surgery is not at all complicated and can be performed with ease in experienced hands. The surgery is a day care procedure and the patient can get discharged from the hospital in an hour or two. There is hardly any pain or bleeding during surgery. Overall it is a fast, painless and successful procedure.

After the surgery, the patient may experience bruising, redness and watering with lid swelling for a few days and then becomes normal. There are hardly any restrictions and the patient can get back to work very soon and resume daily activities in a day or two. The results of surgery should be cosmetically acceptable and there should not be any untoward complications like dry eyes, lid damage, unnatural appearance or visual problems. An experienced oculoplasty surgeon can tackle all these issues and provide the best results. Dr. Ramesh Murthy is a renowned oculoplasty surgeon and among the best oculoplasty surgeon in Pune and India with many years of experience.

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