Advances in Squint Surgery

Squint surgery has become one of the most technically uncomplicated surgeries now. The outcome is mainly dependent on the careful planning and assessment of the patient before surgery. This needs a lot of knowledge and understanding on the part of the clinician and surgeon. Only an experienced and well-trained surgeon can perform and give a good result.

Understanding the nature of the squint, the extent and severity and the possible future outcomes need to be understood before embarking on the squint surgery. It is easy to understand this based on tests performed in the clinic. Sometimes it is best to observe the squint for some months in an effort to understand the nature of the squint.

Surgery is technically simple, especially for the patient. The patient walks in and walks out of the clinic after surgery. There is no need for a special rest, the patient can watch TV, read and work on the computer.

The precautions would be not wetting the eyes for a month, so no swimming for a month and no head bath for a week.

Squint surgery has become technically simple to perform, scarless, and cosmetic in nature. Cosmetic because there is no scar of the surgery. There are no telltale signs of surgery.

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